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The rabbit logo was drawn by a roadies brother.

Blink 182 appears in the movie, American Pie.

In the credits from 'American Pie' it says 'Mark Hoppus, Tom DeLonge, Scott Raynor'. Its actually Travis Barker in the movie, not Scott.

Their album, Dude Ranch, is certified gold in both the U.S. and Canada, and is certified platinum in Australia. Enema of the State, is certified gold in the U.S.

Blink 182 runs their own on-line retail skate shop called Loserkids. The store has music, clothing, and boarding/skating items.

If you take out the CD-holder from the Enema of the State cover and look at the inside left, you'll see the text 'Viking Wizard Eyes, Eyes Full of Lies' in a small, white, hard to see font.

The guy on the back of Cheshire Cat is Brian, a friend of the band.

If you listen very carefully, towards the end of "Degenerate" you can hear either Tom or Mark fart and say 'excuse me'.

The different color songs at the end of 'Cheshire Cat' mean that they are joke songs

They wore small flesh colored Speedos in ALL the nude scenes they have done on TV

In the video for 'Dammit' there is a poster for the Italian movie "Farinelli". It's the story of a man who had his testicles removed so he could sing soprano.

The food fight in the "Josie" video really got out of hand and furniture was thrown.

Mark Facts

Mark has his left nipple pierced.

In the chorus to the Party Song Mark is actually singing "Vagina Vagina Vagina".

Have you noticed that on the beginning of the Party Song, Mark seems to mumble something. He's saying "Here we go motherfuckers."

Mark's hero of all time is none other than Homer J. Simpson.

Mark has 0 tattoos.

Mark appeared on-stage nude, at MTV's Castaway Countdown, during the band's performance of What's My Age Again?

Mark appeared on-stage nude, again, at KROQ's 1999 Weenie Roast.

Mark hates playing any tour dates in Europe.

At every Blink show, Mark writes a different message on his speaker with white duct tape. Anything from "Hi Mom!" to "I have no idea where I am". Once he even wrote a message to his girlfriend after they had been fighting over who loved the other more. He wrote "I love you More".

Mark actually hates the taste of beer, no lie.

At a show in Boston, he took an inflatable sheep, shoved a drum stick up it's ass, and tossed it into the crowd.

Mark thinks Disney Movies kick ass!

Mark attended Burroughs High School in Ridgecrest, California.

Mark wrote Dammit in just 5 minutes, about a break-up that never actually happened.

Owns a pet beagle, named Ahi.

Mark's sister, Anne Hoppus, is currently dating Damon from Fenix TX.

Mark's father's name is Tex, his mother's name is Carrie, and his younger sister is Anne.

Mark constantly calls his girlfriend on his cell phone when he has free time.

Mark wrote "Going away to college" on Valentine's Day after watching can't hardly wait.

Tom Facts

Tom grew up in Poway, California.

Tom worked at a place called Gary's Chicken and Ribbs in his home town Poway, California.

Tom paints his fingernails (on his left hand only) black.

Tom believes in aliens and alien conspiracy theories. He also believes that he has "been abducted and probed in the anus... on purpose".

His favorite CD of all time is Less Talk, More Rock by Propaghandi.

Tom appears in the movie Idle Hands as a fast food employee, who wears a sombrero. He only has one line.

The very first album he ever bought was a DI album.

Tom attended Poway High school in California.

His girlfriend, Jennifer got mad about the line from Dumpweed, "I need a girl that I can train..."

In the scene of the video 'All the Small Things' where Mark is doing his Ricky Martin imitation and getting wax poured on his chest, if you look in the background you'll see a couple making out. Its Tom and his girlfriend, Jen.

His mom, Connie, is now a real estate agent. His dad, Tom, is a energy company executive.

Tom chose the name [Blink] simply because he likes short verbs.

Tom has his lip pierced

Tom was elected homecoming king to piss off the school administrators.

He has a sister, Kari, and brother, Shon.

Tom once got expelled for a year for drinking alcohol.

Travis Facts

Travis is a former member of the Aquabats.

Travis' Stage name for the Aquabats was "Travis Baron von Tito."

Travis has multiple piercings and around 50 tattoos. All together they cost around $7,000. I guess you can afford that when you're a rock star.

Travis is really big collector of muscle cars.

Travis also played in a band called Feeble.

Travis loves leopard prints he has a cowboy hat to prove it.

He grew up in Fontana, California, which is located in San Bernadino county.

Tried taking up Tattoo drawing because he got board in high school.

Travis was once a trashman in Laguna Beach.

Travis' favorite cereal is Lucky Charms.